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FOOT Mandatory

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FOOT Mandatory
by Akeshnil Bali - Tuesday, 4 February 2020, 3:05 PM

Dear Students,


The Faculty Orientation Online Tool (FOOT) is designed to assist the first year Faculty of Science, Technology & Environment (FSTE) students to familiarize themselves with the tools and support services needed to succeed at USP and to help the students in their transition into the University's learning environment. It provides an opportunity for the new students to learn about the facilities and support services provided by the University.


At the end of the module students will not only be up-skilled and informed, but well prepared to face the challenges of the University life. Each participant will receive an online Badge and a Certificate upon successfully completing the FOOT.


Note that it is COMPULSORY for all the first-year FSTE students to complete this FOOT module. It will be accessible to all students from 30 January - 22 February to undertake this module.


Steps to access FOOT:

  1. Browse to this webpage:
  2. Use your student ID and password to log in
  3. Click on the "Faculty Orientation Online Tool - 2020" link - (
  4. Scroll down & click on the image beside the "Click here!" blinking arrow
  5. Finally, click on the "Enter" button to begin.