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Follow the procedures strictly in order to successfully complete OMDT

Site: OMDT: Online Mathematics Diagnostic Tool
Course: OMDT02: Online Mathematics Diagnostic Tool (Non-SCIENCE) 2021
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Date: Sunday, 17 October 2021, 4:02 PM

1 Flow Diagram

Follow the steps below to complete the OMDT and get a certificate.

1. Do the Algebra module.


2. Upon completion (either pass or fail) continue and do the Function module.

3. Upon completion (either pass or fail) continue and do the Differentiation module.

4.Upon completion (either pass or fail) continue and do the Integration module.

5. Upon completion (either pass or fail) continue and do the Stats & Probability module.

6. If you fail any of the modules you will be directed to take the appropriate Remedial and once you have completed the remedial activities you will be required to do a Retest.



7. Fill in the Questionnaire to proceed further.


Please fill the Questionnaire upon completion


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You have to finish the next chapter in order to start the test.

2 About OMDT

Goals and objectives

This projects attempts to outline the major areas of weaknesses faced by students by means of an Online Mathematics Test. This test comprises 40 multiple choice questions, which are randomly generated from a bank of 1200 questions. Each question bank draws questions from 5 different topics, namely; Statistics & Probability, Integration, Differentiation, Algebra and Functions most of which  have already been covered during secondary level studies. OMDT aims to diagnose any areas of weakness found in participating students by providing fully functional online remedial to gear up students for undergraduate programs at USP.

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