Weekly outline

  • Online English Diagnostic Test for Engineering

    The Accreditation reports show that the level of English for Engineering students needs to improved. To provide you with the right level of support so that your English is up to the benchmarked requirements, Test will not affect your GPA


    The test will diagnose your level of English according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR (relative to IELTS) an international standard for describing language ability.

    Test  duration 30 minutes except for some students who are in between two levels (e.g. B1 and B2), then they will have a few more bonus questions and take a few more minutes.

    • Watch the video to familiarize yourself with the test :  .
  • Test Schedule

    Test will be open in Week 6 (Monday to Friday) and Week 7 (Tuesday to Friday). Test will be conducted in 2 Engineering labs.

    Lab1: ICT Hardware Lab - 048-329
    Lab2: B Block Hardware Lab - 009-102

    Please choose only one time slot. Either from Week 6 or Week 7.

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