Weekly outline


    Attention to ONLY first year FSTE students.

    Please note that Maths Remedial classes will now resume later in Semester 2, 2020. There will be NO F2F or online Maths revision classes for this semester.

    • Maths Remedial Class

      The Faculty is organizing a series of Mathematics Revision Classes for FSTE Fiji students. If you fall in any of the following categories, please attend the Math Revision classes:

      1. If you have scored less than 50 marks in your FSFE or Year 13 Examination.
      2. If you attended less than 5 lectures and tutorials in the Flexi School that the Faculty organized in January

      Maths Remedial class will be conducted every Saturday of Week 2 to Week 7 and also during the mid - semester break. See the timetable below.

      Students will have to attend all 5 modules (Algebra, Functions, Differentiation, Integration, Statistics & Probability).

      This revision classes is not optional if you belong to any of the two categories above. It is mandatory. If you do not attend, we will have to reconsider your progress into the second semester.

    • Tutorial Sign up & Attendance

      All Lectures are Compulsory. Select your Tutorial Room

    • TimeTable

      The classes will be conducted every Saturday of Week-2 to Week7 and also during the mid - semester break. Lectures will be conducted from 11am to 1pm and tutorial sessions will be conducted from 2-4pm.  All classes are compulsory to attend and attendance will be taken during the sessions.

      Tutorial venues and other instruction will be provided during the first class on this Saturday- 11am at 092-001

      • Topic 1: Algebra

        This topic will cover the following: Simplifying Expressions, Indices, Expanding Brackets,  Factorization, Rearranging Equations, Solving Equations, Using Formulae, Proportionality, Linear Equations, Inequalities, Simultaneous Equations, Polynomial Multiplication, Polynomial Division, Sequences and Series, Arithmetic Sequences, Geometric Sequence, Sigma Notation and Binomial Theorem.

      • Topic 2: Functions

        This topic will cover the following: Recognizing Graphs,  Limits of Functions, Domains and Ranges,  Inverse Functions, Function Manipulation, Symmetry of Functions, Degrees & Radians, Trigonometry Definitions, Special Trigonometry Values, Trigonometry ,  Trigonometry Graphs , Reciprocal Trigonometry Functions, Sine Rule, Cosine Rule, General Trigonometry Solutions,  Trigonometry Identities,  Logarithms and Exponential.